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Health IT

Transform digital health with data and technologies


Custom Solutions

Swift and scalable solutions for state, federal, & commercial



Health information exchange solutions to support federal interoperability


On-Demand Healthcare

Remote care solutions and patient monitoring


Robust Data Solutions

Cloud big data analytics and insights from patient, provider, and payers



Fraud, waste, abuse, detection and prevention solutions

Our Expertise

Digital Health - Embrace, Experience, and Excel

The digital health revolution is driven by data and technologies that provide organizations with improved capacities to deliver rich customer value. Our goal is to provide healthcare systems with those technologies that can achieve greater effectiveness and efficiency.
Our primary focus is to partner with federal and state healthcare agencies to provide flexible, interoperable, and dynamic solutions that can transform our country’s healthcare systems.
Why Choose Us

When powerful digital delivery matters, partner with us.

Our aim is to provide state, federal and commercial agencies with the digital expertise and support needs to manage various complex health information programs and overcome the challenges at a strategic, tactical, and operational level.

Digital Health Transformation

Enable digital culture as a core competency to deliver value to customers and accelerate growth. Get ready to lead the digital health disruption.


Big Data Analytics

Empower your business to take advantage of massive data-driven insights to create more impact than you ever thought possible.


Automation, Cloud, IoT

Seamlessly build digital operational and process competencies with Automation, Cloud, and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.


Data & Decision Science

Easily combine all your data from numerous data sources to generate analytics and insights that can drive key business decisions.


Enriched Dashboards

Drive next-generation business intelligence with near real-time dashboards and discover insights across the organization.


Digital Experience

Imbibe a digital experience that percolates across all players in the health ecosystem to enhance responsive engagement for all

About Us

Your Trusted Health IT Partner

K7 Health provides industry leading digital health expertise, data and analytics solutions to develop and support federal, state, and commercial programs on all levels.
We provide public and private health programs the expert-level solutions needed to tackle today’s challenges in healthcare delivery and manage delicate health information programs.
Our expertise delivers up to date, functional and robust digital solutions that are as effective as they are as empathetic.
Why Digital Health

Your Trusted Health IT Partner

One of the greatest challenge healthcare organizations face is the silo: the multiple departments, data, resources, stakeholders, influencers, and decision makers that all play a role in health ecosystem. These silos are the main reason why the patient journey tends to be so complex. However, digital health transformation can help to ensure operational excellence, a strong digital services backbone, and ongoing organizational retuning to create a more unified approach to the business.
Public and Commercial agencies are increasingly realizing the value in digital health transformation that connect and enable analysis of every piece of data across channels, operation, and patient outreach. From providing personalized care options to gathering insights to addressing new care formats such as telemedicine and outpatient care, digital technologies are a crucial tool for providers, insurance, and medical service industries. By knocking down organizational silos, operators are able to profit from the advantages of a more interoperable model.
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